We strive to offer educational workshops, conferences, and seminars for parents and teachers on topics related to early childhood development.

We aim to help students attending post-secondary education institutions by providing need-based and academic scholarships.

We desire to advance scientific endeavors which seek to improve the quality of life for everyone in the world.

We hope to pass on knowledge and practical life skills to youth regarding their personal responsibility to the environment, teaching them about issues surrounding clean air and water.

We believe in protecting children from abuse and neglect and particularly love to support programs that provide education and assistance to children as well as organizations advocating or caring for vulnerable children.

We want to encourage young people to take a personal interest in seeing that adequate housing and proper nutrition, especially for the underprivileged and homeless, are available.

We seek to help those in poverty as well as educate youth about their responsibility to consider the underprivileged and take care of those most in need of life's basic essentials like adequate housing and proper nutrition.

We wish to help refugee youth by supporting programs that provide them enrichment and help them transition to life in a new country.