What is the DanPaul Foundation?


The DanPaul Foundation was established in December 2002 by Libby Moore Cornett in memory of her sons, Daniel and Paul, and her husband and their father, Mike Cornett, along with their cousin Bobby Lee Hurd, who all drowned when their sailboat, The Morning Dew, foundered off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina in December 1997.

The Foundation seeks to honor their memory by helping others in the world, using its resources to train teachers in early childhood development, protect children from abuse, stimulate their personal responsibility, and offer them opportunities for enrichment.

The Foundation also aims to encourage children to be concerned about the environment and the underprivileged, particularly with regard to clean air and water, and adequate housing and nutrition for all.



The DanPaul Foundation is devoted to helping children gain the tools they'll need in life, and teaching them how to use them through providing programs and supporting 501(c)3 non-profit organizations with similar goals.

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If you are part of an organization working toward similar goals and are in need of monetary support, learn more about our grant funding requirements to see if you may be eligible to receive a grant from the DanPaul Foundation.

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